Mold pollutes indoor air



Indoor air quality or pollution can be 5 times worse than outdoor air quality. Mold hand in hand with VOC (volatile Organic Compounds) are some of the more dangerous pollutants inside our homes or offices and can make you very ill.

Just take a look at where sunlight is coming through a window.  Floating up and down in the air you will see dust, flooring fiber, dust mites, and even dead skin. Worse than what you do see is the stuff you can not see; mold spores, mold gasses, VOC’s Volatile Organic Compounds), bacteria, viruses, microbes, and particles too fine to be seen. This is the stuff that will end up in your lungs and can make you sick.

The world Health Organization has published a report on Damp Buildings and preventing Mold. This report states that indoor air quality is affected adversely when there is building structural dampness and mold growth inside a building. It further states that mold air pollution can cause early onset of asthma and that it can definitely bring on flu, pneumonia, sinusitis and other upper airway health problems.


What is mold?

Mold spores can be found basically everywhere in nature. Mold is a decaying catalyzer.  Lets use compost as an example. Mold spores will settle on dead or alive organic material (wood, leafs, dust, drywall, etc) and will start eating it. During this process it will cause the organic material to rot. Mold now turns the organic material into compost and the compost will be the nutrients of tomorrows new organic growth.

Mold Air Pollution

RegisterMold spores are incredibly small. In fact mold spores can be 40 times smaller than the hair thickness of a babies hair (40 microns). A one micron mold spore takes 4 hours to settle out 1 meter in windless conditions and in the right conditions it can stay in the air almost for ever.

More than 1,000 mold spores can fit on a needle head. How many mold spores is there then on a A4 size paper? Mold growth the size of a normal A4 paper will release thousands of mold spores into the air everyday and will pollute indoors. Even smaller patches of mold growth can affect a persons health. Studies also shows that mold produces toxic gasses during the decay process and that these gasses also affects human beings. How do we deal with this? We remove the pollution with Hepa Filter Air Purifiers and we kill the mold.

How do we get ill from mold?

So when mold settles on us (we are also organic) it wants to eat us or cause us to decay. In normal circumstances this is not a problem and our immune system and natural defenses can handle the normal day to day exposure. It becomes aproblem where there is an overabundance (pollution) of mold spores. Our immune system can not handle this and the mold spores causes inflammation in our bodies.

How do we heal us? We remove the pollution with Hepa/Carbon Activated Filter Air Purifiers and we kill the mold. We also discuss the mold infection with our doctors and we get treated for allergens.

Mold Clean Up

It is most important to remember that mold pollutes the air. We need to remove the air pollution by using Hepa/Carbon Activated Air Purifiers. These air purifiers does the following:

  • Hepa Filter – Removes mold spores, pollen, dust, dust mites – i.e all air pollutants as small as 0.3 microns
    • High efficiency particulate air filters, known as HEPA filters, remove allergens and other unhealthy particles from indoor air. This is especially helpful for people who suffer from mold allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, or asthma, and research points to these filters also helping those with cardiovascular diseases in some cases. Shoppers can find HEPA filter air purifiers in different sizes to match the sizes of the rooms where they spend the most time.
  • Carbon Activated Filter – Removes molds poisonous gasses  even VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) from inside the buildings
    • Activated carbon works by adsorption – the process by which a gas bonds to the surface of a solid. When air passes through the filter the chemical gases and odors will react with the carbon and effectively stick to it. The clean air then flows out of the system.
  • Combination of these two filters – Use of these air purifiers can totally stop sick building syndrome

Secondly we need to remove the mold. We provide professional mold detecting, cleaning and remediation services and we have DIY mold cleaning recipes for you. Remeber mold clean up is dangerous work. Read more

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