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Health, happiness and prosperity that is what we all strive for. It is in health department that mothers suffers the most.  I have seen mothers sitting hours at doctors and hospitals where their children’s chests are so closed up and the wheezing and the coughing is terrible. Millions of mothers dread it when their children fall ill. What if I tell you that they might have been affected by something different than flu; and that the prescribed medicines makes them more ill.

We hate it when our children are wheezing for breath, coughing their lungs out or have terrible fevers. Night times we dread, this when the symptoms are  at its worst.

It is hard work to be a mother. They try their best for their kids all the time, it has been said that the quality and quantity research they do to keep their children happy can earn them doctors degrees. You don’t need to do the research here, we have done the research for you.

How do we know our kids don’t have flu?

You are constantly visiting doctors and hospitals with a sick child. They do not get better and the prescribed medicines does not work. In fact their conditions deteriorates. We are pulling our hair out in frustration.

Listen carefully!!!! Every mother should now this!!!
One of the most common mold and poor indoor air quality exposure symptoms is having severe flu or pneumonia symptoms that does not get better.  Severe flu symptoms should only last 10 days maximum and the medicines provide by doctors should clear up the flu quickly. The other symptom is continuous asthma attacks or early onset of asthma. Read more about mold and health.

Indoor Air makes us Ill

Did you know that the air inside our homes are poisoning us? Did you know that more than 1 million people every year die of indoor air quality related problems? Did you know that the air in our homes can be 5 times more polluted than the outside air. These figures have been verified by the WHO (World Health Organization). Thousands of people are killed every year by poor indoor air quality and this is even more than the number of people killed by Ebola.

What is in the air that makes us ill?

Our buildings have been built so tight with very little cross vantilation. Gasses and microbial contaminants are trapped inside our houses. These gasses and microbial contaminants are (VOC’s) Volatile Organic Compounds – slow releasing chemical gasses given off by virtually every thing in your house and then we have mold that releases spores and gasses into the air. Both these air pollutants will give your child and your family exactly the same symptoms than flu, laryngitis, bronchitis and pneumonia, it will aggravate asthma and can induce early onset of asthma in children. Read more about the health affects in children

Easy way to fix this

We discuss solutions for all of these problems,:

  • how to remedy the poor indoor air quality,
  • We need to have the doctors test us for VOC and mold infections Read More
  • and the doctors should treat our children accordingly.
  • We need to fix the house …. read more.

How do I know this.

I had severe flu and pneumonia that lasted 9 months. I saw a number of doctors, used a number of prescription medicines and eventually realized none of the help. I wasn’t getting was any better. My wife, the doctors and the physios all thought I was going to die. I was desperate and I was getting worse by the day and a physiotherapist eventually helped me. It was only two years later that we realized that the indoor air quality nearly killed me. I have subsequently become a mold inspector and mold remediator. This lead me to become an indoor air quality inspector.  This is 5 years later and I have realized the following:

  • Our children can get better quicker – read more
  • We can fix our houses – read more
  • We can fix the air we breathe – read more
  • Doctors do not have enough knowledge on indoor air pollutants and the illnesses it cause
  • Doctors daily diagnose us wrong
  • the prescribed medicines make our conditions worse
  • Scientists have not research this subject enough
  • there are not enough funds to research mold and indoor air quality.

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