Mold Cleanup

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Black Mold Clean Up
Black Mold Clean Up

Mold contaminates and pollutes the air we breathe. Mold starts growing within 48 hours and by 72 hours it starts spreading. Acting fast is of the essence when doing mold clean up. A pipe that burst, a plumbing problem, a roof leak or structural damp is all it needs to grow.  Mold spores naturally occur in nature and it only needs moisture and organic food to grow. Black Mold often does not “die” but goes into remission, mold will wait for the right conditions and it will start growing again.

We are a company that provides professional mold clean up services to you. Once we have done a professional mold assessment, we will provide a mold clean up protocol for your specific need and can then provide a professional clean up team. Please read below why google recipes does not work and why they do not remove mold permanently. Read below why google recipes does not remove mold permanently.

We are able to provide mold clean up advice for:

  • tip-air-purifier-pngIndoor Air Pollution (This pollution makes us ill)
  • An Infected room – Mold Clean Up
    • Ceilings – Mold Clean Up
    • Walls  – Mold Clean Up
    • Clothing  – Mold Clean Up
    • Items inside a contaminated room  – Mold Clean Up
  • Cupboards & Wardrobes  – Mold Clean Up
  • Bathroom – Mold Clean Up
  • Under floor Cavity – Mold Clean Up
  • Basement  – Mold Clean Up
  • Tips for flooded buildings – Mold Clean Up


Why does google recipes not work

Most of these recipes will  assist in killing mold for a short period. But why does it not work permanently? It is very simple, most of the products use will evaporate. The mold killing solution that is applied will release gasses into the atmosphere or dries up as a crystal and  forms a residue on the surface, i.e:

  • Bleach –  chlorine evaporate ( its the chlorine that kills the mold).
  • Vinegar –  acetic acid evaporates or leaves a crystal .
  • Borax – cleaning solution evaporate – borax crystal is left as a residue on the surface it was applied to

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