Mask Test

The Test Result Conclusion

Utilising a Dylos Air Monitor that monitors air quality, it was concluded that the MDSA face mask performed simmilar  to a Surgical Face Mask. The face masks were tested by forcing air through the face mask utilising an industrial blower. The best performers were the N95 mask and FFp2 mask, there after the Surgical Mask and 1% behind the surgical mask followed the 90% Plus Face Mask . See the video above. The poorest results were from the 2ply face mask who only achieved 62%. See the results below.

Face Mask Tests

The 90% Plus Face Mask is equal to 90% plus effectivity of that of a N-95 or a P2 face mask. 90% Plus Face Mask plus will provide you with good clean air, almost simmilar to unpolluted mountain air. Dylos Air Monitor results equal to 500 particles outside a building is deemed to be good air, this mask is able to reduce the air that you breathe to 150 particles.