ERMI Mold Test

MDSA are able to do ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness index) and HERTSMI tests in your building.

ERMI Mold Test is the most accurate test to see if mold is in overabundance in your building. What is an ERMI mold test:

  • We take dust samples from your home and test these samples for mold
  • A PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) is used and DNA is matched to identify mold specie.
  • We are able to identify 36 different specie of mold
  • quantify the number of dead and alive mold spores present in your building.
  • Identify if the mold specie present will affect the health of an individual

The purpose of theĀ ERMI mold test is to determine whether or not mold is present in a building and if it is in overabundance and will it affect your health.

ERMI mold tests on its own should not be the sole test for mold remediation. It is important to test for the presence of mold by conducting a thorough visualĀ  inspection of the exterior and interior of the building for evidence of water or moisture that may result in microbial growth.

MDSA goes one step further, we have realised that one test is not enough, and has created a comprehensive mold test. Our ERMI test includes:

  • Air Sample test for mold overabundance (spores that are alive)
  • Visual inspection for mold
  • Mold smell test
  • Identify moisture and mold growth risk areas
  • Do humidity testing, mold can grow due to high humidity levels
  • Provide mold remediation plans

Our experience in mold assessment and our mold remediation plans derived from the tests above have resulted in many healthy individuals. Some individuals experience better health within 2 weeks after receiving the remediation protocols.