MDSA can assist in removing microbial growth like bacteria, mould and viruses. MDSA utilises Chlorine-Dioxide gas to disinfect and decontaminate offices, homes and workplaces. An office, home or workplace can be disinfected in as little time as 6 hours after releasing the Chlorine-Dioxide gas.

Viruses can survive for prolonged periods on contaminated surfaces. An office, home or workplace contaminated with the virus creates risks of further contaminations. Thorough surface cleaning and disinfecting will ensure that any potentially contaminated surface is left in a clean and hygienic condition.

MDSA Track Record

MDSA has been doing fumigation and disinfecting since 2014. We have a track record of successful utilisation of Chlorine Dioxide to stop microbial infections.

Corona Virus

The Corona Virus is a Protein with a fatty lipid capsule surrounding it. Fortunately, it is not difficult to destroy it, our problem is that it can reside in biofilm (body oils) that is difficult to penetrate with conventional disinfectants. Chlorine Dioxide is able to penetrate Biofilm and can kill the virus while it resides inside the biofilm. Chlorine Dioxide is thus one of the more effective virus disinfectants available.